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ELECxellent GmbH also develops systems for the extraction of essential oils. Our Closeloop Extractions System is EU GMP certified.

It enables the user to perform a non-polar extraction on various starting
using gaseous solvents.
This allows a wide range of selectable solvents to obtain different fractions. The use of gas mixtures is also possible with this system.

By using the Closedloop principle it is possible to have full control over the gas during the whole process and also to achieve full recovery.

The use of a Closeloop system is, under the right conditions, much safer than other processes such as open blast or working with glass colums.

Batch Extractors with transport and storage box
Batch Extractoren

Due to the closed design it is possible to control the pressure and the flow of the gas, this allows full control of the gas and it is possible to work without gas leakage. This design allows the user to have maximum safety and avoid deflagration and other accidents during extraction.

This reduces the risk of open blast extraction to a minimum.

In addition, the system allows the solvent to be distilled beforehand, thus removing, for example, the mystery oil known from butane gas, which in turn leads to higher purity.

Due to the interchangeable tank system and the use of different non-polar solvents, e.g. butane and propane mixtures can be created. Dimethyl ethers can also be used as all components are made of stainless steel and all seals are solvent resistant.

Our closedloop system comes with a “Winterizing Column”. This can be filled with dry ice and isopropanol to achieve optimum efficiency of the system and also maximum purity of the final product.

Our extraction systems are scalable on request and can be tailored to meet customer requirements. We use only the highest quality components, all components are EU GMP certified and tested. For more information about our extractors and their applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Extractor mit Winterizing Column