Application areas

Indoor-Horticulture and Agriculture

In the field of indoor plant cultivation, it is particularly important that the selected cultivar has a sufficient and good quality light source available. Especially for low altitudes or vertical farming systems, LEDs have a clear advantage. They are not only able to reduce the consumption of conventional and established systems by up to 60 percent, but also produce much less heat, which makes their use in vertical and low systems possible.

Likewise, the increase in light quality leads to generally healthier growth and a higher quality end product.

By manipulating the different spectrums, plant growth can be manipulated depending on the user’s needs. Using the latest led technologies allows us to cater to all wavelengths and provide appropriate lighting depending on the cultivar.

We build our products only with the newest technologies and based on the latest scientific knowledge. In order to offer a durable and high quality lighting method, we also conduct our own tests with different cultivars and lighting systems at any time to test our products under all conditions. Whether you are working indoors in a tent, in a closed room or in greenhouses, we are happy to help you with the light calculation and the selection of the appropriate lighting source, for more information and further advice, our team is always at your disposal.

Micro Greens

The oldest staple foods of mankind are sprouts (micro greens). Sprouts are ready to eat after only a few days of harvesting.

Due to the early harvest time, a certain amount of micro greens is many times richer in nutrients, protein and vitamins than the same amount of a fully grown plant.

In this day and age it is important to provide a cost and space efficient method of producing food, this can be achieved by combining vertical farming and micro greens under led lights in a hydroponic growing system. These systems can be used in a variety of spaces and are scalable and stackable.

Micro greens thus allow long-term production of a wide variety of food crops.

The right choice of lighting method and irrigation is crucial for successful production. The production allows access to a wide variety of herbs and plants from your own production at minimal cost.

If you are interested in setting up a vertical farming system or micro green production, we will be happy to advise you and put together the necessary components.

Please contact us for an offer or further help with planning.


Due to the developments in recent years in the field of LED industry, there is a wide range of different manufacturers and products. This selection gives us the opportunity to offer a lighting system that provides all the spectra of natural sunlight. In addition, the latest LED technologies and the control by PWM dimmable drivers make it possible to simulate an almost complete simulation of a natural sunrise and sunset including moon phases.

Especially for indoor breeding of corals and tropical fishes it is often crucial to use the correct spectrum as well as a simulated sunrise and sunset phase, also a proper moon phase is essential for the reasonable growth of corals and other species.

When breeding and keeping tropical fish and plant species, many factors must be considered when selecting the proper light source. At ELECxellent we offer not only standard lighting but also custom lighting systems for your breeding needs.

We are happy to put together the right components and help you construct the optimal Led lamp for your aquarium.

Due to our independent production we have the possibility to respond to customer-specific custom designs and thus offer them a unique and optimal product for their aquarium.

For more information about LEDs and their influence on fish / animals please contact us.

If you need help in planning your aquarium or advice in choosing the right lighting for your project, we are at your disposal.